Customers' Concerned Matters

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Successful cases

Country: UAE
Name: Mr. Leo
Date: 2003
We exported a 40HQ and a 20GP of toy crane machine (89 pcs in total) to UAE in 2003 at the first time. All toy crane machines came with muti-coin selectors as trial and our clients feed backed that this coin selector with many functions, which meeted different value and play times. But some coin selector may have more faults than the common one.
Country: Chile
Name: Mr. Christian
Date: 2004
Christian is our clients as well as our very goods friends. Our pinball machine accounted for 60-70% share in Chilean market during 2004-2005 due to our cooperation, which made our machine up to the peak time. Our CEO improved a kind of pinball with 6 balls to meet demands of Chilean market particularly. Qingfeng's pinball machine is extremely popular in Chilean market then and also our Garage machine was also hit the market in 2009-201..
Country: Greece
Name: Mr. Mr. George
Date: 2008
We meet frequently since 2008. He ordered amusement machine, basketball machine, kiddie ride machine etc products are working normally up to now. He made goods friends with our GM Jack, so he visit our company every time when he came to China.
Country: Nigeria
Name: Mr. John
Date: 2009
We dispatched our engineer to oversea country to assemble, maintain and test machine from the cooperation with John and after that we send our engineer to clients'country every year freely and this special services won good cooperation from more than 100 countries for us.
Country: Russia
Name: Mr. Alik
Date: 2009
Our cooperation with Russian clients was from PCB of Garage Machine. There are several clients ordered simulator machine, amusement machine, basketball machine series product. And we presented KEY POINT in 2012 as a new product. It's with special color design, more functions and can disassemble cabinet to load container and these advantages well meets Russian market.