How does the toy crane machine can catch your heart ?

How does the toy crane machine can catch your heart ?

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How does the toy crane machine can catch your heart ?Toy crane machine has been in existence for more than 20

How does the toy crane machine can catch  your heart ?

Toy crane machine has been in existence for more than 20 years, the market has a wide range of grasping the baby machine, not only the game room, video game city essential items, but also all over the shopping center, cinema, supermarket, pedestrian street, where is full Fans, and even know X and X degree of experience, but also full of grasping the skills of dolls posts. Such a "simple stay Meng" game equipment, not only is not greeted by the old players are still obsessed, but also by all ages enthusiasts welcome, this wonderful attraction behind, what kind of psychological secret?

Dopamine brings small addiction
Do not underestimate the grasp of the baby machine, people throwing a few coins to the baby machine when the psychological look forward to you can catch the doll that you want, when the kind of hope and excitement brought joy, The reward circuit in the brain provides the stimulus - addiction process.
If the doll is successfully caught, the reward circuit will further give the sweet feeling of dopamine, and if not caught (in most cases), dopamine levels will fall to a lower level than normal, bringing a "disappointment" feeling. At this time, in order to regain the experience, people tend to grasp and grasp, and dopamine secretion in this repetitive process "intermittent enhancement", the process fascinating, even knowing that the probability of catching the doll is far less than the chance of losing , Or it is difficult to give up the "again" temptation.
The more the number of attempts, the greater the cost of sunk, and the more difficult to extricate people, people want to come up with coins to play more than a few times.
Fragmented entertainment is more responsive to everyday needs
"Small-scale addiction" process, but also pay attention to the process of intensive consumption of resources, which is precisely to help people release stress, regulate emotions, so even adults, will not refuse to occasionally "catch a few." And compared to other needs of long-term investment in the psychological adjustment of the way, grasp the baby machine is also an important reason for the popularity of its "fragmented entertainment" characteristics.
This character contains several factors: one is "economic, time and cost of the low threshold", regardless of adults and children, no one will mind this expenditure, why not; the other is "to relax the high Contact rate ", grasp the baby machine place, itself is casual, consumer sites, people have the appropriate psychological preparation under the premise of access to the number of enough, the image of the grasp of the baby machine, coupled with the current mobile payment Developed, even the coins of the trouble are saved, "to catch it" has become a very natural action; the third is "convenient, interesting", although some people specializing in grasping doll skills, but do not have the skills can also Play, simple operation and full of funny atmosphere, to further enhance the people's participation.
Reduce the defense of others to narrow the psychological distance
There is also an interesting phenomenon: young couples tend to catch dolls than children, and give each other dolls, and even mature, serious adults, often not ashamed of grasping dolls, and even willing to social Show trophies on the web.
This is actually a defensive mentality-driven interpersonal interaction. Undeniably, "catch doll" this behavior itself, focus on grasping the doll's behavior process, as well as the image of a variety of dolls are "stay Meng", and this "stay Meng" is precisely in interpersonal relationships closer to the psychological Distance from the invisible weapon. Couples together to catch dolls, passing is intimate, pure attachment of emotion, and in the social network of sun dolls, it is silent to express "I am more lovely, I am harmless animal" attitude. These pass and expression, regardless of intentionally or unintentionally, are reducing the defense of others, while at the same time, it is also strengthened self-defense, which the beauty, it is worth it.

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