VR World Space Working Platform

VR World Space Working Platform

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Are you interested in VR?How much do you know about VR?What products will you choose if you start new business?

Are you interested in VR?How much do you know about VR?What products will you choose if you start new business?

VR World Space Working Platform is designed and manufactured by Qingfeng VR WORLD Technology. It is based on the new generation interactive VR game equipment HTC Vive.
Once the players wear 360°full view VR glasses, they will  enter virtual world showing on the computer’s screen. Then choosing games from VR glasses with game 2 pads.Sensors in the pads will follow up your location by its orientation function.So that you will enter the infinite possibilities new game world! There are shooting games, archery games,boxing games,Kongfu, etc,a series of attractive games for your choice.Therefore,a wide range of players can be your best business support.
If you want to start a new business,VR Space walking platform can be your good choice.It is popular in shopping mall, amusement park, airport, club, walking street,theater, cinema, scenic spots, Theme park, school , etc. Many locations are suitable because it only needs 9 square meters to place the whole set of machine.
We open a VR Zone in Guangzhou International Airport,Asia Top 5 airport.There we put different VR equipment.Among them,VR Space Walking platform is the most popular one.Airport has extremely large population flow.In other words,VR Space walking platform is already be tested by the public.
We don’t need to worry about movies resource updating.Comparing with other VR equipment in the market now,VR Space walking platform has strong support from HTC company.All games inside are interactive games.Even though there are different VR products,you will find most of them only change the way to play.Some to sit,some to stand,etc.VR Space walking platform is the unique one.
If you are still hesitating about your new business choice,how about taking this equipment into consideration?!

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