VR history and the current hot reasons(一)

VR history and the current hot reasons(一)

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In 1935, the novelist StanleyG Weinbaum described in his novels a piece of virtual reality glasses that is consid
In 1935, the novelist StanleyG.Weinbaum described in his novels a piece of virtual reality glasses that is considered to be the first in the world to present the concept of virtual reality.
In 1962, a VR prototype called Sensorama was developed by Morton Heilig and was later referenced to the Air Force to simulate flight training in a virtual reality.
Although many scientists in the field of VR were successively involved in the study for more than two decades from 1970 to 1994, they were limited to related technical studies and did not produce products that could be delivered to the users. Until 1994, Japan Game companies Sega and Nintendo introduced the Sega VR-1 and Virtual Boy for the gaming industry, respectively, due to the high cost of equipment and low penetration rates.
Today's VR industry is hot because of Oculus Rift's $ 1.6 million fund raised by KickStarter, a well-known overseas crowdfunding website in 2012, and later acquired by Facebook at a sky-high price of 2 billion.
At the time, Unity was the first engine to support Oculus glasses and attracted a large number of developers to join the development of VR projects. The battle for VR was officially launched. In 2014, Google released the Google CardBoard, which enables consumers to use very low-cost The cost to experience the VR world through mobile phones has led many mobile game developers to join in this battle, igniting today's "Mobile VR" super war.

VR principle and the status quo depth discussion
In today's immersive VR devices that are already sold, there are two main types of devices:
1. PC-based head-mounted VR devices such as the Oculus Rift. Such devices are calculated by the PC and passed on to the display in the head mounted device for display, giving the user an immersive VR experience. For the time being, this type of device offers the best VR experience for users over other types of devices, but has the disadvantage that it must be connected to a PC via a USB / HDMI cable, which greatly limits the flexibility of such devices.
2. Mobile-based head-mounted VR devices such as Gear VR, Google Cardboard and more. Such devices are rendered by rendering and calculating the scene as a mobile device and acting directly as a screen. The advantage of this type of device is that it avoids tedious wire connections, portability, and high penetration of mobile devices. But the downside is equally obvious: the computing and rendering capabilities are a lot less than the PC, and as experience times increase, the level of heat in mobile devices rises rapidly, forcing them to lower the frequency for their calculations, resulting in a bigger picture Caton and delay, greatly reducing the comfort of the VR experience.

In addition, there are Sony's Morpheus, HTC VIVE and other hardware devices.

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