VR history and the current hot reasons(二)

VR history and the current hot reasons(二)

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VR history and the current hot reasons(二)In terms of the current VR experience, the most urgent problem to be

VR history and the current hot reasons(二)

In terms of the current VR experience, the most urgent problem to be solved is the problem of physical discomfort such as dizziness in the user experience. Cause a lot of reasons for body discomfort, resolution, screen ghosting, picture delay, depth perception is not continuous and so on. There are many organs of the body up and down the body, every moment constantly aware of the surrounding information and pass it to the brain, the brain is constantly dealing with this information to determine whether it is normal and "reasonable." So, if there is conflicting information that the brain does not recognize, the brain can feel "troubled," creating discomfort. The above mentioned "ghosting," "delay," and "depth of perception discontinuity" all make the brain feel "disturbed". This situation has greatly accelerated people's brain fatigue and even caused dizziness and nausea. Greatly shorten the VR experience time.
How to provide users with a better VR experience has become the primary solution to the problem in VR today. For now, the mainstream hardware vendors are in the following direction to make unremitting efforts.
1. Improve the frame rate, reduce the delay
In general, a PC / mobile game frame rate only need to maintain at 30 frames / second above, you can meet the needs of players smooth game. But for the immersive VR experience, 30 frames per second is not enough.

Figure 1: Causes of device delay. The picture taken from Nvidia's technical documentation "Gameworks VR"
If the delay is too long, the actual scene rendered by the user is displayed on a "meal" basis, thereby increasing the discomfort experienced by the VR. If the delay is less than 20 ms, the frame rate must be at least 75 frames / second, or even 90 frames / second. This performance requirement, even for the current mainstream home PC, is also considered "harsh".

Figure 2: Async Timewarp method is more suitable for static scene display, but for dynamic objects, there will be "ghosting" effect, resulting in some of the visual discomfort
2. Improve the resolution
The current hardware needs to be close to the eyes to watch, and the screen close to the eye is easy to produce screen window effect, so that the eye can see the screen grid points, resulting in discomfort.

VR and the relationship between the human body and precautions
The sensitivity of the human body to the environment is beyond imagination. A comfortable VR experience is far more important than an aesthetically pleasing VR experience because an uncomfortable experience can lead to a strong rejection of the body resulting in dizziness or discomfort, In the current VR project development principle is not to frame rate below 75 or stop updating.

VR camera structure like a pair of eyes with two parallel binding of the camera, and each have an independent calibration function, the case of the eyes look forward angle of view (FOV) range of horizontal angle of 122 °, vertical angle of 120 °, if it is in the neck Department of freedom of motion range, angle of view (FOV) to achieve the horizontal angle of 210 °, the vertical angle of 160 °. Interestingly enough, at 60x60 pixels per degree, we think the VR experience will come very close to reality as the screen hardware technology evolves to 12K x 10K.
The most important part of the VR experience is still sound, but many developers ignore the importance of sound, trying to plug the ear to watch a movie, the whole experience will be completely immeasurable, because the human ear is responsible for many things, such as balance and sound Pass, they are like two heart-shaped microphones, the human brain calculates the direction of the sound by the intensity and time difference that the sound transmits to the two ears, analyzes whether the sound needs to be noticed, and decides that you will choose to turn to the sound source Looked at the direction, or will choose to ignore this sound. And because the human brain has such a filtering mechanism, you are especially noticeable if someone calls your name, even in very noisy environments.
It is worth mentioning that when human ears receive high-frequency sound (above 3000Hz), they will subconsciously look upward, and when they receive low-frequency sound (below 750Hz), they look downwards, so when making a VR project, Is a good way to guide the user's gaze.
We often mentioned that we feel the speed, in fact, that refers to the acceleration, the human body is a sense of acceleration. So when you take off or accelerate, you can feel the rapid increase in speed, but the human body can not feel the speed itself, and when the aircraft is flying at a steady speed you can dine comfortably in the cabin without feeling The plane is moving fast, and you can not feel the earth moving at a fixed speed now.
Gravity is the only way we can not cheat the body. For example, in a VR project, the roller coaster rolls over 180 degrees, but in fact your body clearly realizes that you are gravitational or downward, and the sense of immersion will be reduced unless The project is really equipped with a 180 degree seat can be used in the experience with.
In fact, not as we would like to see human beings hope to get the real feeling VR experience, or the pursuit of realism is limited, it is because the human emotional system inherently empathetic response, all virtual reality The objects in the world are equated with the real world. If you see a puppy rolling its tail toward you in the VR world, you subjectively assume that it is less alert to you and that when your project is a horror game, this empathy reaction will Will be a very good entry point. When human beings see dummies that are as large as their own, they produce positive emotions, but as the dummies become closer to the true human appearance and behavior, they suddenly have a drastic rejection and fear until the dummies and normal humans The appearance and behavior of exactly the same will be eliminated when the fear, this curve appears to look like a valley, so called "Theory of Terror Valley."
Because of empathy, the development of horror games is more suitable for the use of real-world texture rather than cartoon texture, immersed in the virtual reality players see sharp knife involuntarily want to avoid, see the raging fire will want to bypass Because of this reaction, virtual reality is also well suited to military training, allowing soldiers to habitually live in dangerous environments.
VR's current market analysis and hardware introduction
For the current development of VR problems, we can discuss from several entry points. Although the VR hardware contention, but there are currently on the market there are three types of VR hardware devices:
The first one: must be connected to the computer immersion headset (HMD), the representative of this device is the Oculus Rift, the advantage of immersion experience is very good, but because of the wired device, the limited range of movement is an obstacle, therefore Especially suitable for two feet without moving the application. The equipment itself is more expensive and is therefore mostly used in the area of ​​to B. Now most of the applications on this device are short-term experiences, and are therefore well suited for exhibitions or commercial presentations, but such activities are experienced in large numbers, Therefore, how to maintain the health of equipment will be a big problem.
Type 2: Requires own mobile VR (Mobile VR), now a mobile phone, so this kind of equipment simply by folding the paper can be folded into the cell phone box will be able to experience the representative device Google Cardboard And Gear VR or the domestic storm magic mirror, although the experience of no PC headset is good, but because of low cost, easy to carry, development and application of the process is also familiar to hand-game developers, so this year a large number of developers to invest in Mobile VR development ranks, and then led the development of the VR market.
# 3: Integrating AR's new style of experience into new areas of Cinematic Reality, Google Glass is Google's example of what's going on in the market, though it is now However, it also created a rapid evolution of the new glasses such as Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap. The future of lightweight glasses, great battery life will be the next generation of VR equipment, the focus, but in order to achieve the effect of lightweight glasses, the price is that the body must carry a hardware for computing, if the operation can achieve the desired results, we Will enter the field of next generation VR.
In addition to the above categories, there are many different VR devices such as projection VR or holographic VR.

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